What do I do for a Living?

I have written in my LinkedIn bio that I work for at least 3 Companies at any given moment. I don’t think anyone really understands what I do for a living.

If you have ever met me you’d know that I am very passionate about what I do, and I have never explained to anyone why that is so.  I’ll try to do that here

Let’s start with Company 1 (Kalpas Innovations) – I am working there as Head of Marketing and Operations, here I am responsible to make sure the company is sailing smoothly, I overlook the HR department – Sales and Marketing Department  –  I create processes and websites that are used for hiring and Resource Management.  (careers.kalpas.in)

I have developed a process wherein I built a website – added tasks that are really unique and custom-built, added a form to collect entries – integrated Zapier and joined the website inputs to a Trello board where it automatically tags responsible people. We don’t care about marks or resumes – we just care about how skilled a person is and this method is working really well.

I was the third employee in the company and I worked as an HR for the first 2-3 months, and in that period I built all the processes we use today, now the company strength is  38, we will cross 50 in another one month ( Plans are set ). 

I was responsible for drafting the NDA and getting the HRMS system up and running, making processes for Employee/Intern Onboarding and Exiting and Managing company Assets – with Proper Documentation.

Since I was new to all this when I joined the company I used to ask a lot of questions to my colleagues and to google and this evolved into an upskilling session for the entire company – You can read more about that here sanjayhulagur.in/friday-upskilling

I am responsible for device Marketing strategy –  this involves me working with the content team, Social Media posts, Doing SEO, and Social Media Ads.

Company 2: (Due to certain situations I am not allowed to name this company) – I work as a project manager in this company. The company is into custom development – Website – Web Application – Mobile Application and MVP Development. I work as a Project Manager here.

Here I am responsible to respond to clients’ requirements – I get on a phone call  – video call – with clients and understand their requirements – suggest methodology – and act as a Business Development Person and convert the lead. 

Once it’s converted I lead the project and get it done within the timeframe  – if it involves WordPress then I am directly involved in the development process – I deal with a whole host of people for this role – UI/UX Designers – Developers – DevOps Engineers – Clients  – 3rd Party Vendors – Their Support Staff Etcc…

If situations require I become a Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer, or DevOps Engineer and I get the Job Done.

I like this role, this is an ever-challenging role and always makes me wanna push myself – I like that a lot.

Company 3-4-5-6-7-8-N 

These are all the companies I work for as a Lead Creationist – I just made that role up – lol.

What is essentially happening is these all are actually idea-based companies – they are not registered companies, but Ideas of companies.

What’s actually happening?

I work with people who want to have a product-based company, We are all looking into more and more avenues for the company so we get into brainstorming sessions very often – (My favourite part of the JOB) till now we have discussed more than 100 product ideas. 

I have come up with 6 really good ideas and I am given resources and timelines to get them into action and make a POC (Proof of Concept) this essentially means I need to take a small version of my idea to market and make people use it and get feedback. 

If we get good feedback we put in Capital and push it with everything we have, else we drop it.

There is also an awesome aspect to my job – While ideas are inside the organization I get to name them – and I have named a few projects – Kidi – Benki – Kenda – Agni – Agni 5.

These are the code name of projects – lol. There is a good reason why I named these – I like things that are exciting – challenging and disruptive – all the project names are synonyms of fire – this is because fire is basically electrons moving really fast and there is an excited state of energy that I like to live in – fire represents this perfectly – Hence the naming.

I am also involved in Accounting for one of the companies I work for – here I am responsible for Book Keeping  – Maintaining Reports  – GST – Generating bills – Making sure there are well documented and updated.

I am currently exploring Crypto – how to develop them – how to trade them – make a product from it  – Create demand for it – Alter the Supply and Demand Chain – and make money out of it.

It takes a toll to get all of this done, and that is exactly why I do it

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