My website got deleted.

So, there was this website I used to hit up pretty regularly. My whole deal was just getting my thoughts out there on the internet, you know? So, I went for the cheapest web hosting I could dig up. I won’t spill the beans on who they were, but I went for this 1GB RAM setup with a basic hosting package that came with a C-Panel lookalike.

I got a bunch of emails telling me that my hosting was about to bite the dust if I didn’t upgrade. But classic move, I just shrugged off those emails and decided to start backing up my site like three days before the expiry ultimatum.

Here’s where the fun starts: I couldn’t back up squat from the WordPress dashboard. None of those backup plugins did me any favours. Some of them managed to wrangle a zip file of the website, but when it came to actually downloading it, the server was like, “Nah, not enough RAM, buddy.” So, I had this brilliant idea to back up straight from the server itself – you can probably guess how that turned out – yup, another fail.

I was feeling pretty tenacious, though. Tried to go old-school with FTP. But, you guessed it, that didn’t play nice either. I did manage to snap screenshots of all the blog posts I had on that site, just to play it safe. Eventually, though, the site went down. Kaput.

But fear not, my friend, I brought that bad boy back to life! The grand plan is to slap all those old blogs back on there and toss in some fresh ones while I’m at it. So, thanks for dropping by and catching up on the website drama. Appreciate ya!

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