AR Reality

I was browsing through Instagram this morning. I came up across a post which showed a guy using AR goggles and he was writing on a small keyboard. There was no laptop anywhere – just the Goggles and the keyboard – he was using that to take notes.

Click on the link to view the original video.

I thought of a use case for this technology. These Goggles need to have enough processing power to send GBs of data.

With 5G connections in a closed environment, they don’t need to process anything.

Input from the user, everything can be done on the cloud just like how Cloud Computing works. If you don’t know what cloud gaming is then please read this

My Prediction

These goggles would come with subscriptions. For the number of screens, cloud storage and processor cores, and Operating systems needed. (which can be altered with a mobile app).

Everyone will have them at all times. They would display news, maps, concerts, and podcasts, along with scenes in real life visible behind the lens.

People will go to the cinema theatres, and they will be given special glasses to wear. They would be able to choose any movies from the history of cinema in all languages.

Wear these Smart Googles then and look at the giant white movie screen and your chosen movie will begin playing.

The person sitting beside you will be watching a different movie in a different language with a different time frame from you.

Movie theatres will look a lot different than they look right now. They will be made for comfort and there will be no movie schedule. You get inside and pay for the food service and the giant screen. Everything else will be digital services. Sports matches can be watched with the same experience as though you are in the stadium and ticket prices will give you visibility from different POVs.

red and black theater chairs

Taking notes will not even be a thing as you will be able to record the whole thing transcribe the audio and make notes.

Exams which required rote learning will be a thing of the past, no question will ask you to write the things you remember.

Questions will make the students think instead of just remembering.

Our India might be affected by this, as remembering things is the biggest deal in Exams Here. (Sorry if the truth offends you)

The future is amazing and Scary – just depends on how you look at it.

Write your thoughts below… I would love to read them.

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